Become a Resident or Scholar

What’s the difference?

You can live with us as either residents or scholars. In general, residents are students who wish to involve in activities while scholars are employed short-term in a research position.



Benefits & Requirements

  • Student(学生)
  • Interview before entering(面接あり)
  • Stay for 1 year or more (max. 3 years, re-interview after 2 years)
  • Active involvement in community and activities(HdBプログラムへの積極的な参加と貢献が求められます)
  • 39,600 JPY + electricity /month(寮費:月39,600円+電気代)
  • Limit: 33% Japanese / max. 3 persons per nationality(日本人は33%まで,日本人以外は1国3名まで)
See the Resident’s Room


Benefits & Requirements

  • Researcher(研究者)
  • Stay for 1 months or more(1ヶ月以上の滞在)
  • Room Cleaning Available(定期的清掃)
  • 60,000 JPY + electricity /month(月60,000円+電気代)
  • Resident activities not covered (participation optional)(HdB行事に参加可能)
See the Scholar’s Room

Interested in Becoming a HdB Resident?

現在2023年春学期から入寮できる学生を募集中です。 下記リンクよりご応募ください。

We are now calling for residents who can join us from 2023 Spring. Apply Now!GuidelineHouse Rules Guarantor Letter Emergency contact person Letter

For Researchers and Short-term Stayers!


If you are staying for short-term research, you can stay with us as a “Scholar”! Please apply from the host professor or the host officer.                                      Apply Now!Rule and RegulationsDeposit and Cancellation Policy




For Residents FAQ


For Scholars FAQ