Common Meal 4, 8th, Jan, 2021.

Common Meal 4, 8th, Jan, 2021.

Common Meal 2021/01/08

Dennis (弟仁寿), the Netherlands


The first event of the new year was 2021. After we all wished for good luck during our first shrine visit (hatsumode) and started our normal (studying) life again. Being the last (by far, sorry!!) to fill in the ingredient list so that the hardworking toban can buy the necessary groceries for us to cook, I have the (dubious) honour to write the blog article for this common meal.

The common meal has always been one of my favourite events at HdB. Cooking various dishes together with people from completely different countries creates a great cultural exchange experience, and we even get to eat delicious food. Cooking for your fellow residents is also really fun in my opinion, since you get to share part of your own culture. It also gives you more appreciation for your own culture, since even a simple dish from your country can be a great new thing to experience for others.


Taking appropriate measures to limit the risks of the spread of the coronavirus, we cooked and ate together. This time there were four dishes cooked by residents and their helpers, and dessert cooked by the housemother. The main dishes were chicken fajita (a well-known mexican dish) and mizore-ae (みぞれ餡, a Japanese dish with deep fried fish and grated radish). For the side-dish I cooked erwtensoep, a Dutch pea soup filled with meats, potato and vegetables. The vegan dish was baked irish potatoes and the dessert was homemade cheesecake and ice cream with fruits.

Everything was really delicious. For me this was a bit of a special Common Meal, since it was on the day that I moved out of the house. After the common meal I got some heartwarming gifts, and we had some drinks to celebrate the fact that I’m leaving. Thank you so much everyone for making my time at HdB so special, and we will see each other again (many times I hope 🙂 ). You are amazing, all of you!



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