Big Cleaning up, 17th, Jan , 2021.

Big Cleaning up, 17th, Jan , 2021.

   January 17th was the day for the HdB cleanup.Cleaning is done twice a year in HdB.Despite the cold weather and busy schedules, 18 residents participated in the cleaning. The day before the cleaning, we purchased the necessary cleaning supplies. This time, we bought detergent for grease, rags, rubber gloves, etc. On the day of the cleaning, we gathered at 9:30 a.m. and first decided the cleaning area by lottery. The purpose was to allocate the cleaning areas fairly. The cleaning areas were the lobby, the piano room, the billiard room, the two kitchens on the first floor, the kitchen on the second floor, the kitchen on the fourth floor, and the laundry room on the basement floor.

We went over the cleaning notes and task list and started cleaning. Everyone cleaned until noon. Residents who had finished their areas helped in other areas. All the areas were cleaned to a new level. The floors were vacuumed and mopped with water. In the kitchen, we cleaned appliances like refrigerators and microwaves etc., as well as dirty sinks and organized shelves.

No one was injured and we were able to finish the cleaning without incident. HdB has been very cleaned up with the help of all the residents. After the cleaning, we all had a light lunch together.

It was meaningful day at HdB!



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