Seminar , 28th, Nov , 2020.

Seminar , 28th, Nov , 2020.

Seminar event – Autumn 2020


The new “normal life” has just come back to HdB House this semester with some common events and activities for all residents even under the strict precaution of the coronavirus prevention.



Since the seminar event this semester is Japanese sweets – Wagashi, we have tried to generate a much Japanese enrich environment for all participants during this beautiful autumn season. Thanks to the detailed instruction of Hoki-Master from 京菓子司 笹屋吉清内, our 13 members have practiced and made totally 5 different types of Wagashi, including cherry blossom (桜), chrysanthemum (菊の花), rose (バラ), momiji (紅葉) and green leave (葉っぱ), and many “creative” versions have been made by the dormitory students for about 3 hours.





Moreover, Hoki-sensei even made us some additional delicious Warabimochi わらび餅 (a jelly-like confection covered in kinako). To get a more deeply traditional Japanese atmosphere, we organized the warm matcha (green tea) drinking, persimmons as fresh snack at the middle evening before the dinner with Taiwanese dinner boxes.


After the dinner, students gathered for an anime-watching time with some good chit chatting time before the end of the event at 21:00.

Thank you, Housemother Aya-san, for her kindness helps in translating the lecture’s instruction into English for non-Japanese-speaking members and taking very nice shots for the class. 

Vien and Wu (seminar toban)


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