Common meal 3 , 4th , Dec , 2020.

Common meal 3 , 4th , Dec , 2020.

The 3rd Common Meal was held on Friday, December 4th. The main dishes were Indonesian Roasted Chicken and Shrimp chili. The side menu was Sanbeiji Eryngii Mushroom and the salad was Cobb salad and Carpaccio of octopus. The chicken was very soft and the shrimp chili had a nice texture. Eryngii had a unique flavor. The salad was full of vegetables and I thought it was very healthy. There was a lecture by a journalist on this time, then he also joined Common Meal with us. After the meal, we ate the cake that House Mother made for us. This cake is gluten-free, but it was very delicious.












Everyone worked together to prepare and clean up the food as usual. As a measure against covid-19, we opened windows and doors, and each person took a distance. It’s already December, so it was cold, but it can’t be helped.
















It was a great dinner today. The only mistake was that the rice was more than the food, so it remained. Next time, we may have to prepare a rice friend (e.g. Tsukemono, Furikake etc.).



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