Common meal 1, 16th, Oct, 2020.

Common meal 1, 16th, Oct, 2020.

we have first common meal in this semester on October 7th.
Due to prevent COVID-19, we held it only resident.
there were not enough people as cooker but finally some people helped to make dish so we had a lots of delicious food.

Jason made Indian curry and cōng yóu bǐng.
Narumi made tonjiru.
Haku made Chinese nikujaga.
Kohei made salad.
Aimi made apple pie.
House mother made vegan curry.
All of them were delicious.

In this time, Asahi TV came to HdB for interview.
We tell them about our event, how to live together with other countries people and crowd funding.

After common meal, we had house meeting as usual.
We discussed how to use the donation and how should we hold events afterward.
It was worthwhile time to doing some events under COVID-19.
By the way we have a sport day next week so we are looking forward to do it safely.


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