Xmas’ Party, 14 Dec 2019

Xmas’ Party, 14 Dec 2019

Xmas’ Party in HdB 2019.12.14 (Sat)


 First, we took all decorations up from the basement and separated them into different categories (lots of hard work!!!). Then we set up Xmas tree and put on decorations and ohlala…we got a gorgeous Xmas tree (Yayyyy!). We bought some new decorations and equipment such as lights, stickers and extension cords. We put a new light on the Xmas tree, a chain light with clamps holding cards on the wall, stickers on door-glass and the wall.


This time, we decided to have a simple, Western-style Xmas so most of the dishes were traditional Western dishes for Xmas. Dennis kindly made hot wine, Nayoung made Ginger cookie, Natsumi made Meat loaf with minced meat and Richard made roast chicken. We also had many other delicious food made by other residents (Thank you all!!)

Main: Lasagna, Meat loaf with minced meat, Halal roast chicken,

Side dish: fried Octopus, Danish fish bread, Sandwiches

Veggie dish: Veggie Quiche,

Dessert: Ginger cookie, Tofu pudding with red beans, Xmas cake, cutie Xmas sweet,

Fruit, Salad,

Drink: handmade Hot wine, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks.


We had a very fun performance by Keisuke (nininbaori (ににんばおり) ‘”Helping Hands” comedy performance, some musical performances.

[Group photo]








 This year, we played Janken train (rock paper scissor train) after we took group photo. Music was played and when music was stopped, people made pairs first and did “rock, paper, scissors”. The loser lined up behind the winner and put their hands on his or her shoulders. The music was played again and again, when it was stopped, “trains” found pair and played again. The train got longer and longer. Last, the head of last train was the winner of the game. Everyone enjoyed the game.


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