Sports day, 20th Oct 2019

Sports day, 20th Oct 2019

On Sunday the 20th October the spectacle of the annual HdB Fall semester sports day
began. Members of the dormitory awoke bright and early for a rigorous morning of
entertainment, laughter and shenanigans, followed by the promise of pizza at the end.

The event started at 9 with a stretching and warm up session lead by the ever
enthusiastic Ashif Equbal. Some of the sleepier members managed to join us at this
time and eventually we had enough people to make 4 whole teams. Sporting events
organized for the day included basketball, table tennis, dodge ball and an egg-carry
relay – all of which were chosen to challenge our participants technically, physically and
mentally. The teams were tried to be chosen in a fair way und during the activities some
adjustments were made due to the fairness of the team composition.

During the different games friendships flourished and understandings of each other
deepened in the environment of the HdB garden. The participants showed consideration
towards each other and when someone got hurt he*she would immediately be replaced.
Everyone was able to work up a sweat and the pizza and drinks were very welcome at
the end.

The Sports Day Toban’s would like to thank all of those who participated and made the
event possible. The true spirit of HdB visible in compassion, ambition and
deliberateness of the participants was evident in all of you that day.


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