CM4, December 20, 2019

CM4, December 20, 2019

Report by Randolph Ruiz


  1. Lemon chicken, by Rutvika and Ale with Ashif as helper
  2. Ají de gallina, by Randolph with Serena as helper
  3. Salmon quiche, by Chiho with Kanane as helper
  4. Vegetarian dish prepared by Narumi with Shota as helper
  5. Yogurt as dessert, by Shin with Nayoung as helper


Last common meal of the year, followed by a regular residents meeting. Around 20 guests joined us on that day, including members of another dorm that were impressed by the richness of these very special dinners. We had the opportunity to taste Italian and Peruvian cuisine as the two main dishes, lemon chicken and ají de gallina, respectively. Equally enjoyable were the side and vegetarian dishes. The time for dessert (and the party after) concluded an amazing dinner that was another opportunity to meet new people from around Kyoto and transmit our HdB vision of unity.

As one of the cooks, I could experience the joy of sharing part of my personal history with friends, new and old, and learn from others’ as well. Chances like these are invaluable in times when communication is so broad yet so shallow. It is only when we expose deeper parts of our identities that true understanding can be achieved.


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