CM3, 6th Dec 2019

CM3, 6th Dec 2019


This common meal was held on 6th December. About 40 people joined and everyone seemed to have enjoyed. All dishes, fried rice, zucchini gratin, cartoonish meat and so on were tasty. I kept eating until I was completely full. This time, I was in charge of the side dish. I made thick fried tofu wrapped in pork although I’m not sure if it’s really a side dish or not. I was going to make one dish for vegetarian, but my great helper suggested one more dish for vegetarian and gave me her own Chinese spice. So, we made three dishes in the end. After the common meal, all of our three dishes were eaten up. I was happy that they liked our dishes.


Crepes are a famous dessert in France. Everyone likes it from the very early age. So, I thought I would make crepes such that even in Japan people can enjoyed and taste a very typical dessert of France. We had sugar, maple syrup, chocolate etc. to put on. I baked about 100 crepes.


Next event is Christmas party. Let’s have a blast!


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