Dance Party,29th June,2019

Dance Party,29th June,2019

This year, we chose what appeared to be a slightly unconventional (if not, risquée) theme: “Hentaixhantai!” International students in Japan are notorious for confusing these two words when learning Japanese.

In doing so, they perplex the local residents and provide a great deal of amusement for the rest of us! Nonethess, we figured it might save a few people the embarrassment if we taught them the difference with a cross-dressing party. The event was also noticed and word of it spread throughout the student community like wildfire – for obvious reasons 😉

The dance party was held on Saturday the 29th of June in true HdD fashion – with cold beers and diabolical moves on the dance floor. We might also go so far as to say that the turnout was one of the best seen in recent years. The guests even dressed up, and it was quite an eye opener to see men walking in heels better than some of the women! The traditional ice-breaker was a dance performance, which was put on by some of the residents and generally well received by all the guests. What followed can only be described as a blur of good times, excitement and, maybe, one too many beers.

When the time finally came to call it a night, multiple guests asked us why this type of event isn’t done in HdB more regularly. If only our neighbors felt the same way! Sadly, this was the last Dance Party to be held for a while, as next year the dormitory will be closed for renovations. The Dance Party Toban would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all who participated and helped out, especially the Team who provided guidance, reason and an extra set of hands when needed. DP Toban out!


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