CM6, 19th June,2019

CM6, 19th June,2019

Last night, the sixth common meal was held in hdb.

This was the last common meal this semester, and I also 4 other people were assigned to be the cook and prepare the meal.

I was in charge of the vegetarian menu, so I made an Indonesian dish called tahu isi, deep-fried tofu stuffed with vegetable and served with sweet chilli sauce.

The main dishes were served by momoko and Natsumi, who cooked delicious gyoza with miso-ponzu tare and chicken-pork teriyaki.

For the side dish, we had potato salad made by our chef shin, and for dessert, we had authentic French crepe made by our chef Matheu.

The food was very festive and we had a really good time. Other than that, our friend Narumi also made very cute cookies, with names of HdB resident and scholar written on them.


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