CM5,21st June ,2019

CM5,21st June ,2019

Hdb Common Meal-5

After the four successful common meal events, now the time has arrived to enjoy those delicious foods prepared by our lovely HdB friends for the fifth time. Common Meal is one of the prestigious events of HdB and it is also one of the favourite for all the residents. Not only residents, even most of the scholars spare their precious time for gracing the occasion. It is an event in which the assigned residents take responsibility in preparing the food. In total, there will be five cooks assigned for various dishes that collectively include main vegetarian and non-vegetarian, delicious side curry and finally one mouth-watering desert. This time the cooks who were assigned responsibility include the dynamic chef Richard, master chef Ashif, desert specialist Vanny, veggie specialist Serena and Babu. They together had put in so much of hard work and toiled for more hours in preparing their respective dishes.

There were potatoes baked with cheese, chicken curry, chana masala, veg salad and finally a cake to finish with. Time and effort put in by these fellow cooks have been totally worth it, since all the guests enjoyed eating those appealing dishes with so much love. Much to our surprise out of all the previous common meal events, this one had the most number of guests being invited for the event. It almost exceeded the actual limit of number of participants. The cooks were happy and pleased to see so much happiness in guests face. Then, finally the guests also enjoyed the delicious chocolate cake to finish the supper on high. Overall, I would honestly and proudly tell that this was one of the best common meal event of HdB. Of course, every common meal has its own moments, but this one was very special and will be cherished forever.

Sincere thanks to all the residents, scholars, Oppa san and most importantly Higuchi san for helping and supporting throughout the event. Wish for more fascinating and memorable events like these to happen in future.


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