Big Clean-Up,14th July,2019

Big Clean-Up,14th July,2019

July 14th is a special day for all the residents living in HdB. It was a day when our efforts paid off, and when all of us made our living environment better. It was a day for Big Clean-Up in HdB.

At 9.30am, all the participants gathered at the lobby, and the big clean up started. We were divided into several small groups. Each group was responsible for a different area in HdB. For Basement, Jason, Shin, Serena, and Narumi they dusted the ventilating fan and cleaning, cleaned the floor, and etc. For the lobby, Babu, Kanane, Kimiko, Momoko, Mathieu, and Tomo were responsible for. They wiped the tablet, cleaned the window, tidy up the bookshelf, and tidy up the TV sets.

For the kitsch on the second floor, Vanessa, Hai, and Tang were responsible for. For the kitchen on the fourth floor, Ashif, Sohma and Natsumi were responsible for. Those kitchen cleaners cleaned the fridge, wiped the floor and etc.

At 10,30, we had our first 10-minute break. We gathered at the lobby again and enjoyed the refreshing drinking provided by the House Father. With the fresh drinking, our tiredness dispersed, and our vigor revived. After the break, we devoted to cleaning again. And by 12.50, all of our tasks were finished, and our lovely house freshed it up. We gathered at the lobby and enjoyed the self-made sandwiches prepared by the House Father.

Those who cannot participate in the Big Clean-Up on 14th did their task in the following days.


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