Event 4th Common Meal
Date 8th,Jun,2019
Paticipant HdB residents and invitied guests

Main dish 1:
豚キムチ Satoshi and Mathieu

Main dish 2: 唐揚げ Shige and Shihei

Side 1:Salt & Pepper King Oyster Mushroom Wu Changyu and Kohei

Vegie: Osmanthus soup dumpling Li Xinxian and Rutivka

Dessert: Vanilla cake Narumi and Ando

Extra: Tomato and cucumber House father

Fun time

This is the fourth Common meal in this semster held in 8th Jun. The meal had six dishes. The first main dish is Pork kimchi made by Satoshi and the helper Mathieu. The second main dish is fired chicken mad by Shige and Shihei. The side dish us salt and pepper king oyster mushroom made by Wu Changyu and his helper Kohei. The fourth dish is osmanthus soup dumpling made by Li and his helper Rutvika. The fifth one is vanilla cake made by Narumi and Ando. The house father also added a dish of pickled tomato and cumcumber. All the dishes were very delicious, and we enjoyed a lot.

More than fourty people particiapted in the fourth common meal, including student residents, scholar residents and some invitators. Many invitors join in the common meal more than. In this time, some old faces particiapte, and we had very good talking. After the common meal, residents and guests had fun together. Some of them played with a rabbit hat and had very funny photos taken. Then, in the house meeting residents discussed the house affirs and the coming activities of Dance Party and Internation Food Festival. Besdies, in the house meeting, the yearbook of HdB was distributed among old residents.


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