Sports Day 2019 Spring Semester

Sports Day 2019 Spring Semester

Sports Day 2019

It was a perfect morning for such kind of event. Everyone was looking forward to having great fun on sports day and they got the delightful fun delivered as promised by Sports Toban.

Event kicked start with 15 minutes warm up from 8:30 AM on a bright and beautiful Saturday. After warming up session we started sports day.

There were various sports we played between three teams. Teams were made by Sports Toban and each team got their own leaders to coordinate the team members and to make strategies. We played Basketball, Dodge ball, Kabaddi (Indian sport) Tug of war and Ping pong.

There were very competitive spirits between the teams and everyone was playing with full will of winning the games. It was really great to see them playing with such high spirits.

It was first time for Sports Toban to introduce kabaddi to HdB people. A demo was given to them about kabaddi as there were not so aware about this sport. They thoroughly enjoyed this kabaddi. Though some of the players injured themselves still they enjoyed it. Tug of war was really a tough game for them because they all were super tired after almost 2 hours of playing in sun. But they all were having high enthusiasm and they didn’t give up and showed their endurance to the game. Team C was incredibly strong in all sorts of game. And won with a great margin. Team C was the champion of this sports day and team B was runner up.

Drinks were arranged for the players in between the games so that they could feel energetic all the time and not get tired. After finishing all games, we all had refreshments made by Oppa, the house father. Also, Pizzas were ordered for them afterwards.

Total of 25 people including residents, scholars and old members joined the event. They thoroughly enjoyed the Sports day.

Last but not the least Sports day Toban is thankful to each and everyone who participated also toban is thankful to the team for helping in smooth functioning of Sports day.


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