Common Meal 1 :19th April,2019

Common Meal 1 :19th April,2019

HdB Common Meal on 13, April 2019

Rutvika Manohar April 23, 2019

Common Meal Menu and Cooks

1. Aqua Pazza by Sohma with Natsumi as helper
2. Fried Fish by Shihei with Hiro as helper
3. Instragrammable Pumpkin by Kohei with Babu as helper
4. Eggplant Spinach by Ale and Rutvika with Wu as helper
5. Tiramisu by Ale and Hai and Narumi

This was the first common meal of the semester. Common meals are the most typical of all HdB events, and this common meal served as an introduction to the eight new residents to the dormitory. It was the first time Kohei had to cook in HdB. He made super cool looking pumpkins filled with vegetables in white sauce. He also bought his own brand new blow torch to glaze his pumpkins. The food served displayed a variety of recipes with 3 dishes cooked by the new House Father. He cooked a vegetable soup, roast chicken, sprout salad and custard pudding. This made for lots of food which left everyone with a full stomach. The ex House Father made rice for everyone.

The ex House parents visited as guests with Yoji and Hajime. Hajime looked super cute and entertained everyone by holding their hand and smiling. The guests that were invited were very warm and social. After talking to guests like Andy, Kimura and Luke I learnt that they really enjoyed the common meal food. Luke particularly liked the Tiramisu. After the common meal we arranged the chairs started the meeting. The meeting was eventful with lots of questions that required voting. The guests enjoyed table tennis and billiards. After the meeting everyone hung out with some drinks and danced to just dance on youtube.


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