11/4 Sun Cooking Event!!

11/4 Sun Cooking Event!!

French pastry🇫🇷Galette
I have heard of Galette de Rois but I didn’t know that Galette is such a common food in daily life in France😉. Flour mixed with butter and egg is spread on heated pan for few minutes then folded in square shape before some bacon and cheese are added on top of it. Et voila, your galette is ready😋!!!
Four families with total 7 kids joined us in the event. Some were quiet and reserved, some were so active and talkative😅but all of kids really enjoyed the food and also seemed like our volunteers a lot!! Such a relief as we had been nervous so much about this very first formal event organized for people from outside HdB😇.
Warming up with volunteers working with parent and kid in group to practice common English conversation, getting into food demonstration🥣session by our French “boss” Mathew🇫🇷 and pretty interpreter Natsumi, then there came the time for cooking Galette in group mixed of volunteers and parent and kid…( too many other things for me to list out😉)
I was so happy that i could take a very nice photo which somehow conveyed joyful atmosphere of the event!!!
Looking forward to the next cooking event- 🇿🇼 Zimbabwean food.


新規立ち上げイベント!国際文化都市である京都、幼少期から様々な物事に触れ、グローバルな心を育むことを目指して企画。 記念すべき第1回目のテーマは「フランス文化!



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