To Apply as a Prospective Resident

There will be an interview round for the spring 2017. If you are interested in moving into the house at the bigining of April, please fill in the application forms and send the HdB office.
The deadline for submission is 25th, January. The interview will be held on 4th,February.
 If you have any questions please let us know.


Scholarly visitors hosted by universities in the Kyoto area may apply to stay in scholars rooms for a duration of 1 mo to 1 year. Please visit the “Scholar Rooms” tab above. 


Additional information for prospective residents

京都国際学生の家ルールブック/HdB Resident Rule Book

One time required fees at the time of admission: Security Deposit:  20,000 JPY +  10,000 JPY admission preparation fee

Monthly Cost:Room Rent 34,600 JPY+Utility (metered) + activity fees(<1,000円)