Event Schedule 2017 fall


Date Event Start Time
October 7 (Sat) Welcome Party 6PM
October 20 (Fri) Common Meal 1 6:30 PM
October 21 (Sat) Sport Day  To be decided
October 28 (Sat) Common Meal 2 6:30 PM
Nobember 11(Sat) Thanksgiving Day 6PM
Nobember 17(Fri) Common Meal 3 6:30 PM
Nobember 18-19 Trip TBD
December 1(Fri) Common Meal 4 6:30PM
December 16(Sat) Christmas Party 6:30PM
December 17(Sun) Big Cleaning Up 10AM
January 12(Fri) Common Meal 5 6:30PM
Jaunary 20(Sat) Seminar 10 AM
Februay 2(Fri) Common Meal 6
6:30 PM